About Us

Welcome to Notorious Toys! We are so happy to have you!

Notorious Toys started as a result of purchasing and using some really lackluster generic wax play candles. Abby, the owner and artist behind the shop, started thinking about what these candles seemed to be missing and thus the creating phase began. Abby has been a candle maker for many years and, after some extensive testing, wax play candles from Notorious Toys hit the market in January of 2020. We started taking orders from friends and were unable to keep up with demand. Notorious Toys quickly set up an Etsy shop and in February of 2020 we attended our first vendor fair and we nearly sold out of every candle we brought.

Of course Covid19 hit in March and really halted a lot of things for us. We wanted to attend Kink Fest in April and see about selling candles there for the next year, but it was shut down for 2020. We were looking forward to many more vendor fairs this year. And it closed down one our local spaces that we were going to teach a wax play class at. However, the space invited us to teach a virtual class and we were ecstatic at the great turn out and wonderful humans attending.

After discovering TikTok, we are so thrilled to have found a community there who supports us and encourages us to keep hustling. One of Abby's loves is teaching wax play and talking about kink to those who are eager to learn and TikTok is such a great platform to do that. We are looking to expand because demand far exceeds our manufacturing capabilities at the moment. So stay tuned for what comes next!

Thank you for coming on this journey with us! We are looking to add a few other categories of goods to our shop so stick around! And thank you for your patience as we go through some growing pains. We appreciate all the love and support we get to see on social media every day.


The Notorious Toys Team