Covid Policy

Covid has changed a lot of things for everyone lately. I wanted to share some of the changes and practices we are doing as a response to keep ourselves and our customers safe.

1. Any classes taught on wax play will be strictly online during the pandemic. No in person teaching or discussions will be scheduled. They will all happen over Zoom, Skype, Discord, or another chat/video platform.

2. We already have a no returns policy because of the nature of our candles, however we are not allowing returns of any product at the moment.

3. We sanitize all our work surfaces and equipment several times a day. We are using gloves and changing them frequently. Washing and sanitizing hands happen every 30 minutes and at every glove change.

4. As a company, we reuse all the packing material we receive when we order supplies to be more environmentally friendly. We always wipe down and sanitize all packing material before putting it away.

5. We are given Covid tests on a regular basis because of employment outside of Notorious Toys. While they have been negative so far, should a positive test result come up, it is our policy to stop production and shipping, contact each person who has an open order and inform them that we can not ship for the next two weeks. They will either be allowed to postpone their order, receive a 20% refund and wait two weeks or they can ask for a full refund.

   If a positive test result comes up we will also be contacting anyone who has had their order shipped in the last two weeks to inform them of the positive test result so they can decide if they feel the need to get tested.

6. While current studies suggest coronaviruses only live about 24 hours on cardboard, 2-3 days on plastics, and a few hours to a few days on paper, we always encourage our customers to give your package either a few days to quarantine or sanitize the packaging before opening. It is always good practice to wash your hands after handing packages even when we aren't in a pandemic.

7. We always sanitize all of our resin pieces, packaging, and candles after they have been wrapped as an extra precaution.

We always appreciate all the love, support, and trust you give us. Thank you for staying by Notorious Toys through this time. Stay safe, wash your hands and wear a mask!